In 2011, the begining of the year when Hendarman Law Firm (HLF) was first established, it was formed under the name Hendarman & Associates by the initiative of Mr. Hendarman Supandji who was previously completed his duty and dedication as the Attorney General of The Republic of Indonesia. He was assisted and supported by two of his senior associates in running Hendarman & Associates. In 2012 Mr. Hendarman Supandji stepped down from Hendarman & Associates due to his re-appointed to serve for the State as the Head Of the National Land Agency (Head of BPN RI).

Due to the resignation and re-appointment to serve duty for the State, Hendarman & Associates was then changed into HKR Law Firm (HKR). As the term being The Head of BPN RI ended, in 2015, Mr. Hendarman Supandji subsequently took over HKR and transformed it into Hendarman Law Firm (HLF). He undertook such effort on the ground to his great intention and willingness to constantly provide contribution for the development of the law of enforcement in Indonesia. Due to such commitment, willingness and seriousness, Mr. Hendarman Supandji transformed and re-constructed HLF management in purpose to let HLF capable on bringing high standard quality, professional and reliable lawyers in providing legal services to the utmost.


Through the spirit of idealism in providing contribution to the law of enforcement, preserving justice values and certainty in the interest of individuals, entrepreneurs as well as local/domestic and foreign corporations, we established this law firm under the name Hendarman Law Firm (HLF) consisting lawyers and legal consultants who are professional, intelligent, well experienced, possess the integrity and expert in the fields of law as a whole, especially on dealing legal issues that arise.

Profound in understanding and experienced on the legal system in Indonesia and the way it is being undertook in general practice have been the primary asset and the most fundamental strength for us to carry out the commitment to providing the best quality and professional legal services so as can be able to obtain satisfying outcome of the legal services.

On basis of the abovementioned, lawyers of HLF carry the latitude and satisfractory level of competency at providing legal settlements at all fields that vary. In another words HLF is established to become a modern and inovative organization with the main focus, providing the best solution to the protection and certainty of law for those that require the legal services we provide.